Utilizing Music

- 15 Jul 2020 -

Music Carries Us, It is the key that often gets us by the worst of the worst, when we can’t connect with others, when we internalize and hide, when our feelings or our numbness overcomes us. When we are falling, it is the respirator that keeps us from suffocating entirely. But when we cannot pick ourselves up, if used correctly it can also function as our resuscitator.

Music itself is warfare on our selves. When we do not have the strength to get up, we can still turn on music. Unfortunately when we usually do, we use it to soothe by feeding into the feelings we’ve associated to the music we turn on. When we do this, we fall into and are succumbed by, overcome by those feelings.

Those feelings are a part of us. We don’t want to let them go, we don’t want to abandon them. Listen. The idea and fear that if we change our music we let go of those feelings and our self is not the truth. We will revisit them, it simply becomes a matter of When.

What I’m sharing with you, is when you are falling, there is an alternate process. If you change the music you are familiar with and find what will lift you up into a better place, you can then return to the old.

The difference becomes that when you return to your old music, you can still have those feelings, while standing in a different place.

You become in a place where you can hold your feelings, instead of your feelings holding you.

In that place, your feelings can be transformed, blossomed into something beautiful and treasured within yourself.


Hey, You. Everything is going to be Okay. Ok?