- 28 Aug 2020 -

We are only aware of so much in the moment. As we progress through life we can see that we experience life from many different states of being from one part of ourselves at a time. As we leave and return to these states, we can see that the entirety of who we are is not who we are at this moment. There are times we can see our life as a tragedy, a story of brokenness and despair. Other times, our thoughts, feelings, memories, mindset connects us to the best that life has given us.

To be aware of this limited nature of ourselves in the moment, we can offer ourselves compassion, forgiveness for how we might see ourselves right now, knowing that this is not all of who we are. That nothing is ever truly gone. That nothing is ever really lost. That there is no reason to cause yourself internal strife and distress because you are not feeling a way that you believe you should, or because you are temporarily unable to connect to an aspect of yourself.

We can learn to focus our attention on the aspects of ourselves that we love, and by focusing our attention on them, call them back into our future. This is one of the ways that we can learn to navigate our being and ride through the storms of life. ‘Accepting what is right now’ is a great and often taught tool, becoming aware that we are more than we are now is another.

When you are lost, when you cannot see a light at the end of the tunnel, when you feel that you will never make it, you can question this state of being.

Have I always felt like this?

Have I ever felt like this before, did I come out of it?

Was this always my story?

Is this all of my story?

Hey, You. Everything is going to be Okay. Ok?