Navigating Possibility✨

- 08 Sep 2020 -

I know that we can approach and enter into the infinite, the state of reality where all possibilities are possible for eternity.

There is a route, a method of travel to be carried there. It is as if I have been at the start of the journey and to this destination, and am now filling in the road between, remembering how to navigate. I propose that we are Navigators. I propose that we move through time and awareness with the content of the spoken word. Consider if you will, that the conversations, the discussions that you engage in are the method of travel that moves you either farther or closer to this infinite point in space and time, the eternal moment. A point that is a memory, a knowing, a future, where the inner and external world are a perfection.

I am not speaking of something so mundane as for example changing the way you think to change the way others behave towards you. I am not speaking that an action you take changes the way the world reacts to you and that gives you a different set of circumstances. No, I assert that when you change your reality for real, you can enter into an experience of a different life, of a different timeline, a different world, where better things happened, perfect things happened, as does everyone else in that reality, including even up to how you feel. I believe that although we don’t recognize it, we are always navigating to these different timelines all the time. That the reason why everyone you know has a good day on a day you have a good day is that you have entered into the timeline where everyone had a good day. That your memories are not one chain of cause and effect, but they are the memories of this route you have traveled. That each moment is a fixed point in time that has many potential outcomes, and your memory is just one of those potentials. Not only do I believe this is the case, but I believe that there are many ways to navigate these potentials, many ways that we already use without being aware of it. This concept of navigation, my fascination with it, and my insights and discoveries into it lead me to wonder if this topic will be the focal point of my study of life.

The entry method I first propose is setting the topic of conversation. We are co-creators, our discussions with each other influence how we each think and lead us into further directions regarding life perspectives. It is hard to go it alone, but have a group of minds considering the same ideas and you start pouring jet fuel in the engine. This to me is where it becomes much more interesting. Start the right conversation, and you now have multiple minds being hit with insights at once. These are the spontaneous thoughts, the creative ones, the thoughts from which we do not know where they came from or how they came to us, which seem to most certainly not be from our own understanding at all. Not a soul has not once asked, “Why did I think of that? Where did that come from?”

And this is what I see to be the first of many secrets. By changing a conversation, you can move towards a state where you are able to receive insights. Your spoken word becomes a method of travel to this state. Consider why I am stating this as so important. What if perhaps, how to find the ways to navigate potential possibilities and move towards the infinite, is not something to find on your own and learn how to do at all. What if instead, these ways are ways that you already know, you just don’t remember you know. That by moving to a state where you can hear insights from “outside of you”, you can rediscover these ways of movement. That this kind of information, wisdom, can spontaneously come to you, whoever you are, however smart or intelligent you believe you are.

This is only the start of what I believe is possible. I don’t just believe we can move across the potential moments from the linear path of life we’re on now, I assert that we can navigate to any moment, that we can access other points along this path. Even farther, multiple points at once.

Hey, You. Everything is going to be Okay. Ok?