Does The Worship Of Order Become The Acceptance Of Evil

- 03 Nov 2020 -

Before I worship order, I see a world and do not accept the effects of order’s actions.

I see a world ‘the white man’, the church inspired by Christ has built and see destruction and oppression.

After I worship order, rejecting that which is chaos, I trust that order’s work, that of Christ’s coming is part of a preordained plan set into motion. If I become a part of order, I progress the world of structure that has been built. I accept that structure as good, and by doing so accept order as it exists.

I accept that which I had rejected, an immoral, unfair, reasonless, totalistic god in the form of a fate that has harmed myself and others to bring me to this point in this moment. I accept that which I have considered as the evils of mankind. To accept this order, I must develop a veil of ignorance, I must place far from my conscious view the atrocities of witch hunts, the destruction of nature and life and spirit, in man’s pursuit of his manifest image of the world.

The alternative, to reject order, is to reject a divine will. To abandon order is to abandon sanity, safety, protection, even aspects of love, and instead to embrace madness, insanity, instability, and the eternal suffering that comes in the form of possibility with no direction.

In every moment we choose to act in one of these two directions, towards the allegorical Satan, that which is our absolute freedom of choice found within chaos, and the allegorical Christ, that which has found the absolute freedom from the burden of personal responsibility in the surrender to a greater will.

The only reasonable solution is a balance between order and chaos.

In this balance, this god of order is both our enemy and friend, who works for us and against us, who we must work with and against. We cannot be a friend to Life without occasionally playing the role of the bad guy. We cannot change to a better future without fighting against what is currently acceptable and okay.

This balance is the reconciliation that order’s structure must introduce chaos if it is to create positive change in our system, while the structure must not be abandoned entirely if one is to evolve our system as well as be carried into a destiny of themselves and humanity which they do not yet know.

In reflection, we might rejoice in that we are only required to consciously suffer - and be rejected for villainy - by acting against order for a greater goodness for so long before we get a chance to rest in death.

Hey, You. Everything is going to be Okay. Ok?