Leveling Up The Judgement Game

- 09 Nov 2020 -

Learning the lesson of ‘Do not judge, or you will be judged” was a teaching that I never had to struggle with understanding. As someone who has always tried to avoid ridicule and criticism, as well as being someone who prefers to be left alone to make choices without outside interference, it was not exceptionally difficult for me to learn to refrain from judging others.

The common insight into this principle is, what we judge others for is how we judge ourselves. I now see that there is another level of insight to be explored here.

Action takes up space, in our lives this space is in the form of time. Judging others is an action that takes up space for which time might be better served. I have always interpreted this to mean that instead of judging others, we should be taking action to live our lives. In doing so, I did not realize that I was not taking advantage of one of our most powerful weapons in terms of shaping our experience and reality.

Once we have cleared space by relieving ourselves of the burden of judging others, instead of attempting to never judge anything at all, we can see and explore what else we might be judging. This is when we can realize that we are always judging. We may not be judging others, but we are always judging Other. We are always judging our experiences, our lives, the outside world we are engaged in. A powerful practice is to stop judging our experience by accepting life as it is, not as we think it should be. This can be an amazing state of being to live in.

I now see, that it can be even better than this. After clearing the space judgement held by accepting what is in our reality, if we judge consciously, we can now decide how we wish to judge our experience. What was once a burden of unnecessary criticism is now one of our most useful brushes for painting the reality we desire. Now we can look at what we previously judged as bad in our lives, and by consciously judging, we can reinterpret the experience as we wish. Learning to utilize this tool consciously is only the beginning of what kind of heaven we might dare to create for ourselves, once we take this power into our hands.

Thanks for reading, -JB

Hey, You. Everything is going to be Okay. Ok?