Moniez Facilitate Means

- 19 Mar 2021 -

Money is a physical representation of the movement of value, or put another way, it’s a way we can visualize the movement of ‘ability’ or ‘effort’ energy.

Money is an impartial energy current that allows us to do things, directly correlated to the things that you are doing and the inherent value within what you are doing.

If you think about it in certain ways it gets super interesting, especially when you have concepts like unrealized gains.

My eth mining hashrate is 61, if I stream a movie it drops to 47. that 14 hashrate drop actually shows the effort output of streaming the movie, the cost of it, the loss of potential gains for me mining eth instead with that energy.

A better way to say it would be a visual representation of a ‘facilitation current’, the ease rather than resistance of the facilitation of effort output to create change in the physical world.

The more money you have, the more you can see the resistance to the difficulty of creating your goals reducing, and the ease of moving forward with increased momentum increasing in momentum.

If you’re making sick gains than this is very easy to see, the more you have, the less resistance you have, the easier it is to make even more in quantified returns.

If you think about money in this way, than you could see that it would be counter-intuitive and irrational for money to be the actual goal.

The goal is what you want to do with the means of facilitation.

Having the means of facilitation set as the goal doesn’t actually make sense.

This is clearly visible with people who gained access to money and don’t know what the fuck to do with it.

Hey, You. Everything is going to be Okay. Ok?