Infecting The Script

- 24 Mar 2021 -

It is truly amazing to witness catalysts of change infect a system on a global scale. There is a way to view the world, full of chaos and despair, as the prime, optimal state preceding the infectious nature of change. The deeper its depths of anguish, the closer it reaches a state of desperation for a different way to be.

As it reaches a point that it can no longer exist going forward as it has, parallel to the development of each person, society as a whole reaches a fragile state in which it gains a willingness to evolve, only possible through a death and rebirth, if only it knew how.

It is fortunate that what lies underneath the surface of mankind’s cold shell, –just as a spirit of life lies underneath the layers of defenses of each hurting heart,– is an infinite, limitless sea of the possibilities in which love might dare to express itself in an unseen way. What is seen, –the harsh and vicious nature of humanity,– dies to the unseen force that has yet to be expressed.

It would perhaps not be so profound if it were not for the when, of when this kind of change becomes possible. The access point to this change is, has always been, and always will be in its most accessible state, such being right now, in one eternal moment that has yet to cease thus far.

What is possible is made possible because this world runs on an old script that continues to cycle on auto-play. In nearly every function and interaction, the automated script is clearly visible. In a sense, we have seen it all before and heard it all before and we’re all, always, tired of it.

It is the moment in which someone injects the existing script with new content from an outside source that change becomes visible. Thankfully, we just happen to be beings capable of spontaneous creation by nature, whether or not we have yet embraced and acknowledged that part of ourselves.

Thankfully, the sole proprietor and author of one’s script is themselves, it could not ever belong to anyone else. The individual will always have access to the pen, whether or not they decide to pick it up.

When one begins to rewrite their old script, the infectious nature of change is made visible in their life. In a quite literal sense, beginning to rewrite one’s script could be called an awakening. This awakening occurs when one’s life is reassessed between what is old and what changes are possible, a previously unseen awareness of the role the individual plays in their own story awakens, which allows one to access an unlimited creative potential and a previously unavailable ability to influence themselves and the outside world.

Once the tool of change has been made accessible, the first question is of course, how? But from this step, we’re already ahead of the game. Simply asking the question, how, is all that is necessary. From an old script, each day is a never-ending trap in a cycle of a life one did not choose and has no ability to stop or escape. From the new, each day is the ultimate gift, the ability to rewrite the script once again and do it differently this time. We are gifted with trial and error. We can see what works and what doesn’t, and develop a process of continuing to ask the question of how and try new ways. We quickly learn that we have more agents, tools of change available to us than seen before when we recognize how our intentions, behaviors, attitudes, beliefs, feelings, focus and more affect ourselves and the world around us. Even more powerful, as we open up to new information and possibilities we once may have ignored, yet even more tools become available.

Most profound of this phenomenon is this script rewrite’s infectious nature. Individuals are so familiar with the old script, that when they witness another injecting something new, they may not understand what they are looking at, yet there is an immediate recognition that it is not the same. They may react at first, but as soon as they notice a person is rewriting a script they become aware that if that person tried, they, being of the same kind, can try as well. A hope and faith is born. They reflect on their own lives, and ask what is the cost of living differently, and come to find that any cost is worth trying.

In this way, the individual who was influenced has become the optimal influencer, simply by existing. Even if their choice of change were isolation, even this change of script is visible to others and recognized. For one who has picked up their own pen, they have gained the ability to rewrite their story and world through every moment, every interaction, every second of being. Just as a virus, they become a walking catalyst of change that infects the ripe and ready world by every room they dare to walk into and speak up in.

Thanks for reading always, -JB

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