Who Will

- 21 May 2021 -

Where is light found but hidden in the darkness? Who will travel into the darkness to bring back light?

Who will create what has not been born into view? Who will destroy what is dead and turn it to ash?

Who will listen to the silent cry? Who will shine into a night sky?

Who will honor sacred life?

And when darkness descends, the torch withers away, which of you will hide in the whirlwind of your fears and pray for death, abandoning the brothers and sisters you left along the road in that dead of night, still waiting for the supplies you promised, your hand who has left them behind?

Will you return to them instead as the storm, in your anger and despair, to take the last of their fuel and flame, so that you might end your strange dream?

Hey, You. Everything is going to be Okay. Ok?