Hey, You. Everything is going to be Okay. Ok?

I am a writer, designer, free thinker.
My focus is creation.

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My Mission:

I aim to create systems of interactive text-based therapeutic resources available for all to use freely.

But.. What does that mean?

That means I want to create programs that change people’s perspectives about life and give information that will allow others to move forward into better futures.

My plan:

I am starting with small projects and working my way up from there. I started with text-based motivational bots as a small hobby. I’m now designing a program that walks individuals through making life decisions, their goals, and their calling in life.

Just what exactly do I aim to build in the future?

I will build programs of increasing scope. I plan to take the experience gained along the way to create an intelligence capable of providing extensive therapy to anyone, potentially into the domain of complex work like grief.


I want to take code like this:

   print "What do you mean I'm actually code?"
   print "You want me to help people?"
   if True:
      print "I can't do that!"

and turn it into this.

Nancy Drew,
Let's talk through some of your trauma today.

And well,

I want to see what grows and where this goes. Because I care about this. And I think it’s worth caring about.

I know this is possible, and I know this will come into the world with or without me.

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