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  • What Is Emotional Alchemy

    Emotional alchemy is an active experience that involves the changing or perhaps, the transmutation of one’s own feelings. This can lead to an entirely different life experience, in which the phrase, ‘never a dull moment’ becomes an increasingly exciting reality. For the experienced alchemist, life shifts to a chain of reliefs and joys, in some cases where there is hardly time to prepare for the next bombshell of bliss or satisfaction.

  • The Perfect Voice

    I will not participate in any established way. Our cultures and systems have moved us in a direction where we listen to voices that have positioned themselves as an absolute authority in order to be heard. We create, raise up, and choose the voices that we listen to.

  • Infecting The Script

    It is truly amazing to witness catalysts of change infect a system on a global scale. There is a way to view the world, full of chaos and despair, as the prime, optimal state preceding the infectious nature of change. The deeper its depths of anguish, the closer it reaches a state of desperation for a different way to be.

  • Moniez Facilitate Means

    Money is a physical representation of the movement of value, or put another way, it’s a way we can visualize the movement of ‘ability’ or ‘effort’ energy.

  • Grasping To Acknowledge

    When I was younger, I struggled with a changing and disassociated sense of identity. Looking back on that now, I think I can see where this struggle resided. I can glimpse what it was I was trying to do.

  • Delivery Transcends Content

    The tree that grows to its full potential is the tree that drinks sunlight, the tree that is not covered up by the shadow of the forest.

  • ✨✨✨ Hacking The Future✨✨✨

    I believe that what ultimately affects the outcomes of our lives, is by how well we learn how to work with how we personally operate, and by the model of the Universe we allow ourselves to navigate in.

  • Change The World

    The love you have been seeking your entire life is your biggest fear.

  • Capturing It

    I find myself captivated in the attempt to fathom what we are. The miracle visible at every given moment, that we are truly nothing less than the fullness of being. We are as human, the expression of every possibility, from weakness to greatness, we can experience scaling being fantastic and mundane, from depravity to divinity.

  • Leveling Up The Judgement Game

    Learning the lesson of ‘Do not judge, or you will be judged” was a teaching that I never had to struggle with understanding. As someone who has always tried to avoid ridicule and criticism, as well as being someone who prefers to be left alone to make choices without outside interference, it was not exceptionally difficult for me to learn to refrain from judging others.

  • Does The Worship Of Order Become The Acceptance Of Evil

    Before I worship order, I see a world and do not accept the effects of order’s actions.

  • Cycle Of Positive Procrastination

    This page is a response to the fabulous Ted Talk: Inside the mind of a master procrastinator

  • Death

    This may sound opposite to a message of peace and love, but I believe we should always keep death near the forefront of our minds.

  • Navigating Possibility✨

    I know that we can approach and enter into the infinite, the state of reality where all possibilities are possible for eternity.

  • Change The World

    The love you have been seeking your entire life is your biggest fear.

  • Awareness

    We are only aware of so much in the moment. As we progress through life we can see that we experience life from many different states of being from one part of ourselves at a time. As we leave and return to these states, we can see that the entirety of who we are is not who we are at this moment. There are times we can see our life as a tragedy, a story of brokenness and despair. Other times, our thoughts, feelings, memories, mindset connects us to the best that life has given us.

  • Repetition

    So what is up with mantras? Such a silly idea. Why do people take the time to recite the same words again and again, trying to convince themselves that they are something they are not. Right?

  • Hacking My Future✨

    this article isn’t supposed to be up yet. I’m still in the process of writing it. this is a big one. come back soon <3 I have started to think about how I operate, what works for me, what I believe, and how I will create my future. I have come to find that the conceptual understanding I choose to have of the Universe defines the limitations I set on what is possible.

  • Mirror Mirror

    Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, am I the mirror, or is the mirror me? Is there no mirror? That’s the premise of the Chaos Magik rite, https://web.archive.org/web/20181013122450/https://www.chaosmatrix.org/library/chaos/rites/beyondwall.html. They say that this practice restores an inner energy they’re calling “free belief”, an energy that we run out of as we get older. This exercise asks you to contemplate Neither-Neither scenarios, what if there is no black or white?

  • Utilizing Music

    Music Carries Us, It is the key that often gets us by the worst of the worst, when we can’t connect with others, when we internalize and hide, when our feelings or our numbness overcomes us. When we are falling, it is the respirator that keeps us from suffocating entirely. But when we cannot pick ourselves up, if used correctly it can also function as our resuscitator.

  • Imagine This

    We have all heard the ancient scripture, ‘God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him’ (Imago Dei).

  • Accepting

    How can we love others when they are so different from us? How can we love others when they are in the wrong?

  • Connection

    An exchange I don’t care to forget.

  • Design

    We feel less alone and more connected when we learn that there is someone else who has shared a similar past and self and story.

  • The World Rewards The Listener

    In life, we struggle to connect. There can be a paradoxical relationship where the more we attempt to communicate, the more isolated we feel, a vicious, painful and lonely cycle.

  • A Message

    You Are Okay. Right now. In this moment. Everything is Okay.


    Imagine your life as a video game. (SECRET: it is)

  • What I Am Reading

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  • Acceptance

    It has dawned on me that my desire to be accepted is not a worthwhile goal. I understand now that I am and can be accepted. I am always accepted, conditionally, to the extent that what I say and do is understood. When the content of my words matches that which exists within a sphere of known wisdom, I am embraced.

Hey, You. Everything is going to be Okay. Ok?