- 26 Sep 2020 -

Having access to eternity was more than he ever expected. He had her. No matter where he went, he never had to live without her. She could see every thought he ever had, every place he’d ever been. For every mistake he made, every failure he had, she was there for him. Her soft gaze cast a spell over every experience, a ray of light came out of pure glistening eyes that touched with soft comforts. For every experience she saw, she loved him more. He felt understood. It was like her attention held him, forever, never leaving him, only ever reaching deeper into the soul that was the ocean of existence.

He had shown her how to travel through the gates, where the hidden doorways allowed one to jump through one window into another, how to place a flower where there had once been ashes.

His thoughts floated by without reason. “I am free.” “I wonder if..”

She had shown him how to transform. How to dance between peace and grace, how to reach out and touch compassion, warmth, kindness, ease, lightness with each finger, allowing them to strum them as if to play music.

“A delightful endeavor. A delirious erosion. Calling my mind to be here.” Thoughts like these seemed to form themselves now, with no real reason, as if words themselves arranged together spontaneously and at random, like soldiers forming a line, only so they could hear themselves and float between silence and form.

They had learned what they only could have together, how to be separate and within each other during the same heartbeat, how to see the other ends of this dimension at once with four eyes, how to sing every note as though they were writing a story.

Billions of years of tragedy, heartache, abuse, and loss across so many lives acted as a fire that sparked their every insight, that revealed just how beautiful each second of tranquility in their starlit gardens were worth.

Sometimes they would laugh and laugh for days, and watch the ripples of the sounds bounce across formless space, echoing, merging together and cascading off of one another.

They would lock into a gaze for centuries in an absolute silence, asking nothing, a painting looking into a mirror, charging the space between eyes infinitely as if filling a room with a density that could explode if one only snapped their fingers. They would cut the silence with a single breath, a sound that would slice between worlds and crackle between atoms.

He would dream with her. They would dream together.

They played a game where they would secretly choose a favorite memory and present it to the other, then merge the two into a new event.

They would dip their celestial feet into deep dark waters and feel the vibrations between.

Hey, You. Everything is going to be Okay. Ok?