- 11 Oct 2020 -

This may sound opposite to a message of peace and love, but I believe we should always keep death near the forefront of our minds.

From a real perspective, you are about to die. This moment you have been witnessing multiple points of up to now, is about to end. Recall that you were once at a point in which you were 6 years old, you blinked and now you are at the point in which you are reading these words. You will blink again and be dead. In one moment you are given the breath of life that will be exhaled out into death.

We all know this conceptually, we all understand that this is the process that we’ve been ‘subjected to’, but it is easy to move away from this reality. We can know that we’ve lost this perspective based on our thoughts. When you are worried and stressed about all of the little things at this point in time, or concerned about what others think of you, or what you should wear, or any of the thousands of little grievances and discomforts that pop into the mind, you have moved away from this perspective.

When you are considering this perspective, there is always the remembrance and realization that most of your external circumstances do not matter in the slightest. You remember that nothing anyone has told you about what you must do in life matters in the slightest. That what the entire world thinks about your life does, not, matter.

When death reminds you that none of this matters, the only thing left to contemplate is what does matter. In the face of death, the only thing that could matter is what matters to you, and you alone.

Be mindful that this consideration can bring up feelings of regret for what you’ve done in your life up to this point, you can consider that you would not have learned what you have today if it were not for the circumstances that brought you to this point.

If you take this consideration to heart and do not know what matters to you, the only thing left to do is search yourself for what matters most to you. Nothing else could matter more.

Dare I say, rejoice in death, for reminding you what is life.

Thanks for reading, -JB

Hey, You. Everything is going to be Okay. Ok?