Envy Blocks Creativity

- 31 May 2021 -

Archetype Study

Having finished a study of the Magician archetype in Robert Moore’s King, Warrior, Magician, Lover, I found an interesting note on creativity and self expression, that the main blocker is actually envy.

This text is heavy and may be difficult to grasp without a background on what these archetypes are.

‘The Precocious Child’ archetype (character) is essentially the child prodigy, eager to learn and asking all the why’s about the world, talented and interested in being an explorer. The archetype model asserts that if an archetype is not expressed in full, its shadow counterpart comes out into view instead.

  • The Trickster -

One of the shadows of the Precocious Child is The Trickster, (basically, an inner satan, father of lies), a manipulator and joker that tricks others into believing his appearances (such as being more intelligent than others) are real.

“This is the energy form that seeks the fall of great men, that delights in the destruction of a man of importance”(yet doesn’t want to replace him when he falls, because its too much responsibility)

“His energy comes from envy. The less a man is in touch with his true talents and abilities, the more he will envy others. If we envy a lot, we are denying our own realistic greatness, our own Divine Child. What we need to do then, is to get in touch with our own specialness, our own beauty, and our own creativity. Envy blocks creativity… The Trickster gets activated developmentally within us when we have been depreciated and attacked by our parents or siblings and when we have been emotionally abused.

If we don’t feel our real specialness, we will come under the power of the Trickster, the “Know-it-All, and deflate others’ sense of their specialness…The Trickster has no heroes, because to have heroes is to admire others. We can only admire others if we have a sense of our own worthiness, and a developing sense of security about our own creative energies.”

It gets worse. The child grows up from ‘The Precocious Child’ into ‘The Magician’, our aspect of self that has awareness, insight, observes, has thoughtfulness and reflection and the energy of introversion. It is stable, centered and emotionally detached. Basically the Magician is the advisor, wise man, counselor to the king. If not embodied, it becomes the adult version of ‘The Trickster’, The Shadow Magician, with two sides, the Manipulator and the (not really) Innocent one.

“This “Manipulator” maneuvers people by withholding from them information they may need for their own well-being. He charges heavily for the information he does give, which is usually just enough to demonstrate his superiority, and his great learning. The Shadow Magician is not only detached, he is also cruel.”

“Whenever we are detached, unrelated, and withholding when what we know could help others, whenever we use our knowledge as a weapon to belittle and control others or to bolster our status or wealth at others’ expense, we are identified with the Shadow Magician as Manipulator. We are doing black magic, damaging ourselves as well as those who could benefit from our wisdom.”

The more passive side, the “Innocent” One doesn’t want to take responsibility, to share and teach, to help others carefully, to be a steward of sacred space, he wants to derail others who are trying. He’s deflating others(which can be good for egos sometimes, revealing truth) to the point of unnecessity and harm.

“The Innocent one hides truth for the seek of achieving and maintaining his own precarious status.”

  • The Innocent One -

“The Innocent One’s underlying motivations come from envy of those who act, who live, who want to share. Because the man possessed by the Innocent One is envious of life, he is also afraid that people will discover his lack of life energy and throw him off of his very wobbly pedestal. His detachment and his ‘impressive behavior’, his deflating remarks, his hostility towards questions, even his accumulated expertise, are all designed to cover his real inner desolation and hide his actual lifelessness and irresponsibility from the world.

The Man who possessed by the Innocent One commits both sins of commission and sins of omission but hides his hostile motives behind an impenetrable wall of feigned naivete. Such men are slippery and elusive… seducing us into an endless process of questioning our own intuitions about their behavior…may even feel ashamed of ourselves for having attributed base motives to them…”

“(Without the Magician) we will not have much sense of our own inner structure…calmness…inner security…trust our thinking processes…detach from emotions and problems… will likely experience inner chaos and to be vulnerable to outside pressures that push and pull us in many different directions… The Magician enables the Ego to place feelings in an orderly stack,(paraphrased) to contain emotional energies to dissolve their power, to allow the strengthened Ego to take his raw emotive energy and transform it into useful and life-enhancing forms of Self-expression.”

Hey, You. Everything is going to be Okay. Ok?