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Pretend your life is a video game.
(SECRET: it is)

1. Try Again

You can try again if you fail.
You have nothing to lose.
You have absolutely everything to gain.

2. No Penalties

There are no consequences for losing or winning.
Lose as hard as you can if you like, in order to learn what to do.
You also can choose not to win. You can aim to simply enjoy the game if you like.

3. No Refresh

There is no reason to wish you hadn't done something sooner.
Next time you can do that earlier on.
Wishing you had done something before now does nothing to help you beat the game now.
Now you can do that something until the end of the game.

4. Main Quest

You are here to complete your story.
You are here to fulfill your destiny.
You are free to chase side quests as well.

5. NPCs

Non playable characters are all around you.
Learn how they work.
Learn what they like.
Learn what they want.
Learn what they need.
Destroy them or make them follow you.
Do not allow them to distract you or surrender.

6. NPCs can Mislead

NPCs even with the most innocent of intentions can have programming instructions to distract you from your objectives to increase the challenge of your game.
Keep in mind they may sometimes attempt to stray you from winning the game.

7. NPCs Offer Mini Quests

What NPCs ask of you may or may not be what they need nor the right choice.
You can do what they ask, or not. It is your choice.
Your story is not their side plot.

8. Find Your Companions

There are valuable allies waiting to aid you on your quest.
Find and join forces with them.

9. Complete your Directives

Listen to your core, to your heart.
Your clearly defined Directives, programming instructions, objectives, purpose that have always been there for as long as you can remember.
Maybe one, maybe multiple, but they are always there.
You have always known that is why you are here.

10. Do Not Distract Yourself.

Sometimes you will be so afraid of following your Directive that you will attempt to find a new purpose that doesn't exist.
You may forget about your original directive or diminish its value to the point that it no longer seems possible or like your purpose.
You will then end up searching for a new purpose only to not find it, or settle for (See Law 2.) entertainment, simply enjoying the game.

11. No Impossibility

Fear is the enemy that tells you your Directives are not accomplishable.
The perceived impossibility to achieve your purpose is a lie.
It is accomplishable, not too late(see Law 3.), now.
You wouldn't still be playing the game if it wasn't still possible to win it.

12. Feelings are Immersion

Feelings are enhancement to this game.
Feelings exist in this world to increase the overall quality of your experience.
Feelings are meant to be enjoyed to increase the realness of the game.

13. Feelings are Overwhelming.

Feelings can sometimes be so immersive that your choices become based off of them.
Managing your feelings is a key part of winning your game.

14. Secrets and Hints are Everywhere.

Little Hints of wisdom from past players are everywhere in this world.
Learning to filter and decipher Secrets can drastically cut time and even allow you to skip longer tutorial segments.

15. There are Cheat Codes

This game is rigged for your benefit. Certain values can have a profound impact on your experience. Increasing your positive thinking, love, kindness and other traits are overpowered abilities that make the game work in your favor.

16. You are the Player

You are not the character.
You are playing as the character.
You are the Player playing the character.