Destination Unknown

Another journey, looking deeper into what is

  • - Mar 27, 2022

  • 07 29 2021 Committment - Mar 27, 2022

    I recognize today that no mental health issues impede my progress, or my ability to commit to goals. Only minor PTSD, which surfaces on the unfortunate morning, can shake me off of a focus.

  • Finding Out - Aug 18, 2021

    A teacher of mine put identity to me like this. “We’re just exploring. We’re just finding out. We don’t know yet. We’re just finding out.” I’ve found that when I interact with people who say this sort of thing, I feel like I can breath. I feel like, they see me as a “happening that has not yet happened and is happening now”, and it relieves me of the burden of my self-image. I’ve only been gifted this phenomenon a few times. I hope to retain it one day.

  • Hopeful - Aug 13, 2021

    many hopeful things today. noticed that artist with the 365 day grind, is just like me with my plan for a 365 day grind!

  • Note To Self - Aug 08, 2021

    Note to self, today I shared a writing from the a-teaching-others-little-things folder

  • Creativity - Aug 05, 2021

    There is a lot I haven’t been keeping track of. But I do want to make sure it is noted that we did find our answer.

  • Today - Aug 03, 2021

    heyo this file has moved to

  • Heard - Jul 06, 2021

    A shame when you write many lines and find that what you wanted to say has been left unspoken, and sooner still you will die.

  • Fire - Jul 06, 2021

    I’m wondering if I should burn every piece of my writing I do not love, and I wonder when the fire is over, if there will be a survivor.

  • Delusions - Jul 06, 2021

    Many thoughts I have had in my delusions, amongst them, a fantasy that I left these writings for someone to find, who is grateful I shared them, the image is shattered halfway to completion, as the nightmare comes into view, my best parts did not make it to the page, I left only scribbles of dead waste. Then the grand tragedy unveils itself to me.

  • Artists Way - Jul 06, 2021

    ive been thinking a bit about, well now thats a lie, I havent, but I have a voice entertaining me, processing what I’ve been reading talking about how artists get jealous of the one who gets on stage, because the one who gets the spotlight is often not the one with real talent, its the one who was, well, more shameless and jumped up there and it makes me think

  • Agony - Jul 06, 2021

    Agony is knowing that you do not remember entirely why you choose to love art and beauty and knowing that you will again forget even more.

  • Whatever - Jul 02, 2021

    Love is faint and love is faint. Sense it, catch, hold, but do not touch too sharply, else fan blades slice fog into free form again,

  • Invited Invaders - Jun 25, 2021

  • Destination Unknown - Jun 25, 2021

  • A June - Jun 16, 2021

    And so begins the phase of my life in which I were visited by Dickinson’s Bumble Bee of June.

  • What Do You Want Deeply - Jun 04, 2021

    Me: What do I want so deeply, but also scares me to try?

  • Conversation Impass - Apr 22, 2021

    Brother says, you already know what I believe. You already know everything I think. You know what I say doesn’t change. So I don’t see how our conversations are conducive, they aren’t going anywhere.

  • Crossing The Event Horizon - Oct 30, 2020

    “Crossing the event horizon. Where time and space switch places. The sight is breathtakingly beautiful. However, one point in space lacks stars. I stare at that point. I’m falling through the sea of stars. No, not falling. I’m being pulled. Pulled into a rift of utter darkness from which not even light can escape. Light itself is but dust in my wake.

  • Facing The Future - Oct 29, 2020

    What would I do differently if this was my second chance at this life? I know that I could always make wrong choices based on analytical mistakes. I believe that there are smaller decisions that do not change the course of my fate, and larger decisions during critical moments that alter my fate’s trajectory. I believe that there is a likelihood that this is not my first time in this life, or to put it more accurately, that the moment is eternal, which is what allows me to look ahead and glimpse the future and gain access to information that doesn’t appear to be available to me yet.

  • Shattered - Oct 10, 2020

    My ego is broken down, I am a pile of shattered crystals. I am drowning in emotion tinged with love, I am breathing with compassion and grace, and parts of me that get excited feel free to express right now how does it get better than this lol

  • Selfish - Sep 25, 2020

    There is a causal relationship between my writing output and my feelings of shame and guilt for being selfish.

  • Intention(draft) - Sep 24, 2020

    I arise each morning and set an intention for the day, choosing something to strive for or accomplish.

  • Games - Sep 22, 2020

    Unconnected paragraphs follow.

  • No Man - Sep 19, 2020

    I have spent enough time in nature to experience an enlightenment.

  • Core(draft) - Sep 14, 2020

    Not long ago, I prayed a new prayer. I had realized what I wanted.

  • Now - Sep 07, 2020

    I chose not to engage in part of my morning routine.

  • A - Sep 07, 2020

    have to remember that the reason people plant fear in me that i cannot love myself that i cannot be okay that demons are deceiving me, is the truth that i am enough. i am enough. and they, even with greater wisdom than i, believe that they are not enough. that this soul is to have emotional balance and be raised higher, so the soul of the earth has an emotional balance, so that it can be a healthy part of the multiverse for reasons far beyond our understanding. that we are all fixing our earliest childhood dramas and traumas of fearing being abandoned and unloved and fearing not being enough for others to accept us, and we’re playing that out on a grand scale with our belief systems and ideologies, because it doesn’t align with the real truth, that we are enough, we are worth it, we do matter, we are okay, we are of love, we are loved, we are love. If that is the deception than I have been fooled by the darkness.

  • Validation - Sep 05, 2020

    Tonight I said to myself I didn’t need any more healing, that I could go forward with the power I’ve learned to harness and generate within myself.

  • Pain - Aug 30, 2020

    I had a crisis of being when I realized how much of the information I receive is propagated by cults.

  • Make Me - Aug 28, 2020

    May life break me, crush me, destroy me, mold me, shape me, form me, create me, entirely

  • Plasma - Aug 27, 2020

    I went running parallel to the the ocean waves in the dark of moonlight.

  • Hurricane - Aug 26, 2020

    I am trusting life the universe to take care of me. I am choosing love.

  • Return - Aug 21, 2020

    Life has been reminding me of my experience traveling through the dimensions of this Universe, through the abyss.

  • Resistance - Aug 20, 2020

    My thoughts have been, I would never surrender to God. I want what I want.

  • Made For Me - Aug 13, 2020

    How beautiful, how wonderful, this life. When I see the truth that this world is made for me.

  • Carry On - Aug 12, 2020

    There is a difference between rejecting the world and choosing out.

  • Scattering - Aug 11, 2020

    Reflecting back on spiritual music once again.

  • Inspiration - Aug 10, 2020

    If I want to be inspired, I should be an inspiration.

  • My Journey - Aug 09, 2020

    In my young life I was a writer and a dreamer, always living life in my imagination. I looked at the world around me from an outsider’s perspective. I was in love with learning itself, and found passion in absorbing every byte of information the world had to offer.

  • Parable(redraft) - Aug 08, 2020

    What god has set before me, the answers for which I so earnestly prayed, is my evidence that Satan is real and the nearly undeniable reality that I am another parable of that which is called by that name.

  • Missing - Aug 07, 2020

    I am now here in the life of my dreams with access to amazing people. The person who arrived is not the person who is supposed to be here.

  • Intensity - Aug 06, 2020

    A beautiful day, truly in many moments a dream, the warm waters of the ocean were a perfect heaven on Earth. In the physical, how could it get better than this?

  • Possibility - Aug 05, 2020

    Miracles are happening. Prayers are coming true. Suddenly, I have never been in more terror.

  • Destiny - Aug 04, 2020

    I am not sure which I am afraid of more, not having a destiny, or having a destiny beyond that which I have the ability to hold on to.

  • Aware - Aug 03, 2020

    My awareness is growing. It is too much at once, a light blinding me.

  • Power - Aug 01, 2020

    I want to turn this pain into power. I want to turn pain into my strength. God, please give me the will to turn this pain into my creative power.

  • The Talk - Apr 19, 2020

    Tonight I walked someone through the “What should I do with my life?” talk again.

  • 9999 - Apr 19, 2020

    On operating at 99999%, I’ve found what will allow me to do this.

  • Self Love - Apr 12, 2020

    It’s just that for a moment watching her, I glimpsed something I needed to see, I was able to see the way she was viewing herself and the way I was viewing her because of that, and the way I needed to look at myself

  • Vibrance - Aug 25, 2019


  • Acceptance - Jul 30, 2019

    It has dawned on me that my desire to be accepted is not a worthwhile goal. I understand now that I am and can be accepted. I am always accepted, conditionally, to the extent that what I say and do is understood. When the content of my words matches that which exists within a sphere of known wisdom, I am embraced.

Hey, You. Everything is going to be Okay. Ok?