- 30 Jul 2019 -

It has dawned on me that my desire to be accepted is not a worthwhile goal. I understand now that I am and can be accepted. I am always accepted, conditionally, to the extent that what I say and do is understood. When the content of my words matches that which exists within a sphere of known wisdom, I am embraced.

It is that which is new, that which generates confliction, contention, that that has not been understood, what has not yet been made known that exists outside that sphere of comfort, the space in which fear and possibility reside.

I live amongst that fear, on the fringes of what has yet to be accepted. I can do that because I know who I am. When you know who you are, outside phenomena and rationale ceases to hold their gravity and weight over you.

The more accepted one is, the less influential one’s potential becomes. The less influential you are, the less of an impact of change you create, the less meaning and purpose you serve.

I find meaning in acting as the role of a teacher. What kind of a teacher teaches that which is already known? A real teacher teaches what has not been revealed. That person is not concerned with whether a student prefers his particular clothing, his particular actions, his particular words, if he is particularly likable. The teacher is concerned with how influential his teaching is.

In order to teach, one must have learned. A teacher must always have the humility of the student, must always be open to the possibility of being wrong, and should always reside outside of his comfort zone, in a realm of possibility.

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