The Talk

- 19 Apr 2020 -

Tonight I walked someone through the “What should I do with my life?” talk again.

Then I remember, oh yeah. I made an app for this very reason.

Suddenly I remember all of my fears and doubts of “What if this thing I’m calling an app with a bunch of words is actually worthless’ and see how utterly irrelevant those thoughts were.

I realize once again that, ‘Oh yeah, the world doesn’t have this information. people don’t talk you through this shit. There actually is nothing like this in the world right now.’

I again was overestimating the level most people are currently functioning at. I forget that spark that lights up in their eyes when someone tells them, “yes, you can do that.”

I already see the content of The Life Game 2, which is more about ‘how to do’ not ‘what to do’, though this information is far less important to get out there as healthy lifestyle living and certain understandings are already entering the public fray.

And. Last night talked to a friend who asked me just that. “Weren’t you building an app?” Yeah that hurt. But what hurts isn’t that I didn’t do it. I actually built the damn thing. All that’s left is the release.

What actually hurts is not disappointment, it is that my personal timeline for release was not met. Which is alright.

Because this will release exactly when it is meant to, if it is meant to. If it’s not meant to happen, I may never release it and let it go.

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