Made For Me

- 13 Aug 2020 -

How beautiful, how wonderful, this life. When I see the truth that this world is made for me.

That my life and other’s lives are made to be played out in this perfect story, if and when we choose to accept it. Perfect moment after perfect moment with perfect people. How marvelous, how intricate, how much yes. Yes. Yes. Yes! This world is here for me to love. How much excitement to play a part in that. To dance and love and sing, to play, to learn, to wonder. To fly and wish and dream, to take, to find, to speak. To accept me in my wholeness, as much as I am, to recognize what others have seen in me. Hallelujah. Hallelu. Hallelujah. To see and to be seen, to hear and to be heard, to witness and be witnessed.

To allow myself to exist in fullness, so precious, this journey.

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