- 21 Aug 2020 -

Life has been reminding me of my experience traveling through the dimensions of this Universe, through the abyss.

That was more than a life changer. It was more than the defining experience of my life. That took everything I was. That took all of my sanity. And more.

The person who went through that was terrified. Alone. Consumed by fear. Helpless.

Afterwards the fears in this reality, became trivial in comparison. I grew.

Back to now, as I have started to face my shadow, faced my fears in this life, that experience keeps coming up.

I have realized, that I think I have to go back. I think I have to go back as the person I am now, a person who is fearless, to go in and come out emerging as someone who could never be afraid of fear again.

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Hey, You. Everything is going to be Okay. Ok?