- 26 Aug 2020 -

I am trusting life the universe to take care of me. I am choosing love.

I have come to a place that I have reconciled that I will not reject love from any source or loving, being regardless of my religious conditionings. I will not hold hate in my heart.

I will allow life to break me down, to shape me, mold me, change me through more pain than I can handle. I am embracing change, I am embracing stillness, I am facing all fears and giving everything I am to the light.

These aren’t words or hopes, this is my action. This is my choice. Because I am more than this. And because I care. I choose good things. I choose compassion, I choose safety and trust and empathy. I choose the unknown. Whatever I am, I am a journeyer, a traveler.

I think this is the big storm for me. I’ve just touched oneness, I’ve given myself to Earth I have started to awaken. I have chosen to take the time for myself to be alone and change in the ways I need to change.

I have gained back my will.

I am as prepared as I’ll ever be.

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Hey, You. Everything is going to be Okay. Ok?