- 30 Aug 2020 -

I had a crisis of being when I realized how much of the information I receive is propagated by cults.

Their goal is simply to break down who you are, manipulate you emotionally, get you to induce a state of self-trance, place you down to a childlike state where your mind is easy to influence, to make you suggestible such that you will accept any new information given. All for the purpose of control.

Realizing that someone would take advantage of my desire to love and would desire to hurt me that badly created a huge injury in my heart. This hurt my ability to trust others. While I had come close to being deceived, my mind is now sorting out the bullshit I’ve been fed from the wisdom I’ve received and I’ve realigned with my focus and purpose. This world has become more clear, yet I am still rising in love. I will trust others because trust is required of love. I will trust even if there is pain.

No I will not feed into the fear of cults, nor will I become a victim of them and let them break me. Both of those give these cults my power. I will be back to being focused on self-less love, the practices that work for me, and the spiritual beliefs that are not handed to me by anyone.

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