- 07 Sep 2020 -

have to remember that the reason people plant fear in me that i cannot love myself that i cannot be okay that demons are deceiving me, is the truth that i am enough. i am enough. and they, even with greater wisdom than i, believe that they are not enough. that this soul is to have emotional balance and be raised higher, so the soul of the earth has an emotional balance, so that it can be a healthy part of the multiverse for reasons far beyond our understanding. that we are all fixing our earliest childhood dramas and traumas of fearing being abandoned and unloved and fearing not being enough for others to accept us, and we’re playing that out on a grand scale with our belief systems and ideologies, because it doesn’t align with the real truth, that we are enough, we are worth it, we do matter, we are okay, we are of love, we are loved, we are love. If that is the deception than I have been fooled by the darkness.

Thank you God for creating me. I believe you do love me, and you have saved me, beloved Lord my God.

Hey, You. Everything is going to be Okay. Ok?