No Man

- 19 Sep 2020 -

I have spent enough time in nature to experience an enlightenment.

I’ve walked far away from myself to experience a Nirvana. There is silence, in the mind, in nature, but then I become that nature. I see that the world that I came from was just a story, and that if I so chose, I could remain in the real world, with the real me. An eternal entity, who is no one, has never been anyone, and will never be anyone. I have experienced that all that I thought I was is not who I am, and that the “I” that I thought I was does not exist without relation to another. With no other person, there is no story. And I come to find that there is no me.

Then I hear a much, much louder voice, the voice of either a fallen angel or that of the heavens. A voice much, much, louder, and it becomes me. I think anyone else would be terrified.

I see that there is no reason for me to go back into that fictional story of the “world” I temporarily participated in. There is no insistence, I do not have to. I do not feel the need to. I can spend eternity here where all things are and always have been, where I always have been.

There’s no other reason to go back but to bear witness to the unfolding of a narrative story and take part in a drama. To become an actor in that drama and observe it. And so far I have made that decision to return.

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