Facing The Future

- 29 Oct 2020 -

What would I do differently if this was my second chance at this life? I know that I could always make wrong choices based on analytical mistakes. I believe that there are smaller decisions that do not change the course of my fate, and larger decisions during critical moments that alter my fate’s trajectory. I believe that there is a likelihood that this is not my first time in this life, or to put it more accurately, that the moment is eternal, which is what allows me to look ahead and glimpse the future and gain access to information that doesn’t appear to be available to me yet.

I know that I can access what is outside of this moment to help me. I know that to some level I can manifest my future. I know that there is forbidden divination that would throw me off course of a positive future. I know that the human understanding and interpretations of these methods of navigation are not accurate. I know that life’s intention is to teach me by whatever means necessary. I know that I may be able to manipulate those means. I know that setting the right intention is one of the keys to moving in the direction of a good future. I know that I so far have not been able to consistently hold the same intention or state of mind long term. I know that many states I have been in I will return to. I know that emotional intelligence usurps mental intelligence.

I know that I am required to take action. I know that there are actions I’ve taken that have yielded no results. I know that I cannot focus solely on work, that rest and leisure are mandatory to run the race.

I know that the biggest mistake would be to take no action at all. I know that spending my time in common philosophy is akin to hesitating on taking action. I know that I can learn from the mistakes of others.

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