Crossing The Event Horizon

- 30 Oct 2020 -

“Crossing the event horizon. Where time and space switch places. The sight is breathtakingly beautiful. However, one point in space lacks stars. I stare at that point. I’m falling through the sea of stars. No, not falling. I’m being pulled. Pulled into a rift of utter darkness from which not even light can escape. Light itself is but dust in my wake.

“You aren’t moving. Remember what I said. Here, time and space switch places. You can’t move through space. But your time is stretching out to eternity.” I accelerate. “One second for you. An eternity for me. As I observe you from a distance, I see you as a still object.” Am I looping? No, that’s not it. Is the ‘end’ running away from me? That’s not it either. Stretching. What is stretching?

“Don’t look back. Eternity is not infinite. Time stretches towards eternity. Yet it has an end.” An asymptomatic approach to zero. When will this second pass? Time and space have switched places. A second stretched out to infinity. 1 second becomes 0.1 seconds. 0.1 seconds becomes 0.01 seconds. 0.01 seconds become 0.001 seconds. 0.0001 seconds. 0.00001 seconds. 0.000001 seconds. 0.0000001 seconds. 0.00000001 seconds. 0.000000001 seconds.

When will I arrive? No matter how close I get, I can never reach. My body- “Don’t look back.” I want to look back. I want to go back. I can’t look back. I can’t go back. “ -Steins;Gate

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This is describing the theory that if, in the physical world, you were to cross the event horizon of a black hole, there is no longer space. I can’t believe it could be so simple. That the laws of physics can accurately describe the eternity state of being. I don’t understand how I missed it before. When you leave this reality, when you leave space, there is only time, and you once again enter eternity. This destroys the idea that science cannot define the spiritual, that which is not. It is rather the opposite. That the science of physics proves the possibility of this ‘not being’ state of existence.

The fact that this has been right here and missed leads me to feel that this is not meant to be shared to others right now. My discernment for this has been growing. I am becoming aware of what abstract information people are ready to consider and digest, and when they are not. I am also seeing that I am cultivating a skill, the skill of presenting grounded and sane information that provides a basis for a reality others will accept before I present information outside of the familiar. I can also see when I miss the mark and present information that is too unfamiliar at that time.

A last note to keep in mind is questioning why I am still attached to the idea of time as a linear construct when I know this is not the case. Why I assumed the past happened and is not happening as it will always be happening. The past exists if I remember it, as I remember it. I should also change my perception of now. That this is not the first nor will it be the last time I am at this point in my story.

I should be looking at now in the same way that you would interact with the world if you had traveled to the past and were now observing the lives of those that are not from your time, acting carefully not to disrupt their story. Picture that. Again. I should be observing now as the opportunity to act differently this time, all the time.

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