A June

- 16 Jun 2021 -

And so begins the phase of my life in which I were visited by Dickinson’s Bumble Bee of June.

Silent muses, quiet friends, in your stillness I reach, and remember that I have not shared my character but in flutters,
elsewhere, stirring uncertainty,
my movement not settled, my form not precise, reason yet abandoned and I become the gods device,
I fear the curtain closes, I pay with first respect,
these words become me, unexpected, what is next?

I am scared and thrilled, of who will show up to be, afraid that I am imitating, who I want to be?


What does it mean to be possessed by a God? when does it stop when I continue to shine and grow the fear where did it go
i am now swimming in an ocean of form have i always been here and how i can speed up
slow down
embrace the crown the one not around the words flowing in the being coming out the channeling divine what rushes to shout

I am scantily I am sense I am tense as the last prehensity yensity comgenity genie i can feel them these words
who is this personality i feel within me of such many an intention, such desire to act to be seen to portray to be devilish in character,

why is he inside me, why am i wearing his face, burning from my soul through the skin to fingertips, transforming me rebirthing changing energy rolling over the old
into the new, this channel opens and my mind it does renew, how am I resting here, who is doing the recharge, what electricity rests and slows to be the stars

I lose focus my heart skips, what is this amiss does it need form for expression what is your magic today, what trick will you show me and in what such a way?
What have I held you from, what happens when it becomes clear, when I follow this feeling, however such severe?

The words from me are writing, the mind is coated in muck, what is this in my oh,
oh hello there rising flower, hello there little star, where have you risen from, or been born, over there, my car,

oh, you little ball, moving are we? have you found a home? moving but not intending, like a little bug, wow, what a creature, will you stay?
you feel good and warm, and what is this covering my face now oh this cool this calm coat, how many starry freckles how light and joyous are you mine?

I didn't understand before, I didn't know that's who you were, I thought she was speaking poetically, I didn't know you were real,
I talk to much, make yourself at home, can I get you anything? Can you make this your abode? What a softness you are, what are you up to?
Do you stay if I continue on? Then for you I shall write, and I will continue to write if you will stay with me. Here I go!

Yes! Such fun! I'm so very glad you have come! Yes, under my tongue! You jump from here to kingdom come! We're lost, no sense to here! We don't know what came through
the rear! Oh freedom, you steer! You steer us far far away from here! The fire rises, oh familiar friend, how glad am I to experience you for the first time in this way
I attend!

Breathe my one, my foreigner, my traveler from I don't know where, oh! my! goodness! Yes! Of course you can rest! Make yourself familiar my familiar! Light spirit, my
momentary companion! Where will you go when you depart from here? Where have we been?

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