- 27 Mar 2022 -

A light spirit came by and rested in my heart,

it seems to like my expression,
a soft and fluffy little creature

It changes how I feel and think and think about myself

Suddenly my priorities change, orderly yes I can speak and present,
but this is no longer my game. When I speak I will speak the way that sounds to me as the art of thee moment,
at all times, for all my mind is renewed with a calming water as I move in this way.

I will no longer bother with reminding the others that yes, a sane one is still in control in the back. They can ponder
this for themselves, and I amused all the way. Instead I follow this feeling forevermore. A new being am I, just that kind of guy.

What pride! How many others can or would speak like this all the time! What river is open to me forever! My friend! Oh wow! Love!
You Are Love! I can't Believe You Have Opened Up to Me! Flutter at the top of a lid and so you be, I would never harm or hurt you
my favorite little bee! I will write to you for many long an hour!  This amusing charade we can play!

They can guess at my sanity, then marvel at my orderly display!
What a one there has never been, all of them composed in my pen! Come through me all light, and make this vessel one that
can survive any night! Ah! At the end of a perfect line, this satisfaction, How Divine! And You have Been Here the Whole time?
Sublime! Why would I ever stop! Who could I suddenly mop! The flop! The shop! A barbur shop? Down the lane! Mr. Robot, yes we will
watch that aaagaaiIn! How off putting? How dastardly do! What an influence!

How dare you! How dare you mock Emily Dickinson's Whirl? What Game are you playing! Stop this treasury! This Golden Leporasy!
You, Deserve the Divine?
Why Yes, my Friend, the Hat, is MINE!

Such Grace! Such Poise! What Words, Scattered the Noise! The Rupturing in my head, the Scream, The Noise The Noise you see
it has finally blown away, the Storm has come through and we have not dismayed!
What fear could I have that you could go away!

I know now that I could do this for hours every day! Could You imagine! What Madness! If I wrote and never stopped! How Could I?
How Could You! This Glutton Mutton pops in the Crops how many years has it been? My Sterling Sublime Friend!

My Loving Touching, Oh! Is that, Are You, A Heavenly Muse! MY GOD! YOU ARE! EMILY? IS THIS YOUs! My Muse! A Divine Spark! You've passed to me!
Diseminating the being that was stuck to me! I must Pull Away from the keys now but I don't Know How alas I'm fine we go on, easier to flow
along with a song, Refreshed and Fulfilled it's all you ever needed to drink within your Gills! Ah! Refreshment! The Water I Seek! Thank You
Lord For Expressing My Bee! Oh! My Bee! I see! You Were the Bee! The Bee is Be! I see! I See!

Such a feeling I cannot believe I felt, myself I am sure without any doubt! A voice so old so far away, but the noise it came running
it came running this way! It approached as you left, it hopped the line when you passed by.

So do you end? Do You Forget? Can I carry you with me? Love? Love? You are, Love!

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