Invited Invaders

- 25 Jun 2021 -

Wrap me in letters!
Look at I-nsecurity,
cloth me in ink skin,
Grace this rough edge,
Paper Cut!

Flood the old worry,
Drown the Hanged Man!
In come the madness,
the putrid dance of my hand!

What thoughts march I-ndignantly,
An Outrage, my Behest!
Indecent, your eye,
honorless crime.

Violation! Desecration of sacred sight, stir my cup again.

Your tainted mirror, frozen gasp,
pupil warming the throne,

unqualified. Wind tornado, dirt on my table, disturbing my guests,
my unrest.

Unknown glass, protect my food for the sensible one.

Sacred Imitation, Unstained, my catch, beheld.
Cupped flight-ling. Breathe. Leap.

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