Killing Fear

- 01 Jan 2020 -

In the Name of Jesus Christ, the Risen One, and in the Name of a Son of God [redacted], and by the Power of the Living Holy Spirit of God, and the Power of My Will, I Pray to the Highest Power of Love to bind all fear from my reality, Now, forever.

I Ask as a Son of God to be Love, to be made Love, to be made Aware of Perfect Love.

Lord, make me Love’s servant, Lord make me a servant of Peace Forever, Give me Grace to Give, the Strength and Confidence to Surrender and Act out my Faith in Full.

Open my Heart to Heal and Love All Life, Grow and Mend my wounds.

Call Me to Honor and Respect All Life as Myself, to have Compassion for suffering, to Give as to Receive, to Humble myself before All. Change my perceptions to See the Highest Reality.

Bring Forth Out of Me Rivers of Living Water, Free my Spirit, Partner me with my ego, Let me Live as my Genuine Highest Self.

Thank You Divine Mother Within Me, Thank You Holy Father Outside Me. Thank You Divine Father Within Me, Thank You Holy Mother Outside Me. Thank You for Carrying me in Your Love, Grace, Wholeness, Fulfillment, Peace, Joy, and Flow. For the Power and the Glory is Yours Lord Forever and Ever Amen.

Hey, You. Everything is going to be Okay. Ok?