2020 Book Of Power 1

- 15 Jun 2020 -

Prayers and Manifestations January-June 2020

It is not about the comprehension of the phrases, rather it is the utterance of words of meaning that hold true power.


In the name of a son of the living God of love, servant of Father, Mother, Jesus Christ, child of divine love and will. How does it get better than this?

Read these aloud, rejoice in them, and call them now. Fill your mind with these words and light.


Lord God, as a son of God I ask that you break me out of the matrix and grant me the power to bend and break its rules.

Connect me with those aligned with my highest destiny, calling, and purpose. Give me the power, confidence, security, stability, love necessary to show up and follow through. Lord God as a son of God I ask. Grant me the blessings promised to me for completing these last months, now!

I ask you fulfill the blessing promised for me quitting substances. Give me peace, clarity, focus, faith, hope, will, creative ability.


Lord God, grant me the clarity and power to create a message that will spread to the masses.

Make me more affectionate to myself and others.

Make me more aware of the love that is inside of me and around me.

Protect me from perceived enemies.

Bring me to the highest perception of reality.

Pour living water into me and my world, your vessel, your world.

Thank you for carrying me in wholeness and love, peace and joy, confidence and strength, clarity and trust.


Hey You! Hey Light!

That stress you feel, that anxiety that comes with trying, I’m sorry people tried to put you down, I’m sorry people told you that you weren’t good enough, or didn’t believe in you, or told you you didn’t deserve it or weren’t good enough.

It is okay for you to create! It is okay for you to create! It is okay for you to create!

You can have this!

This light is yours!

I love you!

Thank you for coming to express and share You!


Lord, as a son of God, Jesus, Father, Holy Spirit, Wisdom, I ask for the Word of the Lord that will give me the resolve, willpower, clarity, security, comfort, love to follow through on these projects, this work now.

Thank you Father for this beautiful life, now!


Lord God, I ask you to help me build trust in myself. Help me trust myself. Strengthen my resolve and my Will.

God, teach me to cultivate space, to wrap me in your Love, to find You deep within myself.

God, grant me clear diamond mind.

Lord, keep my compass aligned with Love.

God, grant me clarity in my choices.

Lord, bless my creativity!

Bless me with value! Increase my worth! Overflow me with abundance with which to give!


God, I ask You allow me to experience you physically and metaphysically in my beingness, all the days of my life! Now! Thank You!

Let me find You in the heavens, let me find you deep within the Sacred Silence.

I ask for your resting peace, your healing, your wholeness, your grace, your embrace, Your Grace, your comfort, your rivers, your flow, your pure essence.

Let me taste the diamond crystalized divine Love of the Universe.

I Thank You for answering all of my prayers, Thank You for all of Your blessing.


I ask as a son of God that you bless my creations and let me create projects that will help the world on a global scale. I ask that you give me purpose and a beautiful amazing legacy known by all.

I ask you help me increase my trust in me, my value, my worth. Your Value! Your Worth. It is okay for me to have abundance and blessings and value and connections and meaning! I do deserve it! I am worth it! I can and do have it all! Thank you Lord my God!

Thank you for letting me give back to people and Life Now! Thank you! Thank you for this action now! I meet you halfway with these words, connect with me all the way!


Lord God, as a son of God,

I call into being all of the prayers within this book now, now, now, now, Now! I have them now! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you for this now! Thank you for success and victory now!

God, I ask You let me believe in myself now! Thank You for giving me faith Now! Thank you for letting me manifest Now! I can do it and am doing it!


God, as a son of God, I ask You grant me the Power, the Will, the Faith, the Strength to manifest into my life now, to channel love and light and positive energy and healing and wholeness and fullness Now!

God, Highest Power, Holy Spirit, Jesus Love, I call on You Now, I beseech You, I cry to You, let the Love in the Universe Recognize Me Now. Let the energy streams of abundance Find Me, My heart, My soul, my being Now. I call them forth, Grant me all! I love you all, everything.

Life! I call on you! Hear me! Now! Thank you! I love you. You Are Possible. All is Possible. I believe.


Thank You Lord for this wonderful, perfect amazing day of flow and joy and peace and blessing. Thank You for filling me with your glory and energy and power now as a son of God Now :)

Bless this sacred day and sacred being.

I believe Now! I believe Now! I believe that you will, you do, hold me, and carry me, and love me Now!


Thank You Lord my God, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, Love for this perfect, wonderful day carrying me in flow and lifting me higher!

Thank you for filling me with your love and glory and power and value and worth and joy now as a son of God now!

Thank you for grounding me and holding me.

Bless this sacred day and sacred being and sacred life and sacred moments.


I want to own #####. I want to master control over my body. I can ride the waves, I can dominate. I want to break free, to let love in, to heal, to face the fear of the unknown. Who am I without ##### now, as I move toward beingness? Embody me essence, take me, lift me, love me, save me, free me, Be Me. Let me breathe again Now.


Unhinged and full of Power, I can master my emotions and direct them to create, to have the sobriety and clarity of mind to keep choosing in to create,

because creation is all that matters, it’s all that ever mattered, Creating is Everything.

I call forth Creation into my Life and my Being.


I Am Creation.

I Call Creation Forth.


My mind is clear, such that I feel I have the will and capacity to create right now.


I am mastering control over my body, to bring back dreams. It is worth suffering for the sake of others if it means I unleash all of my power. Not hiding in insecurities and misery, but facing them because all I want is Power.

  • Remember that they told me about a man who #####, and he became wildly successful and powerful and built all of That, and that Becomes Me. -


Thank You Lord for this sacred day, this perfect wonderful day. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for saving me from ‘driving another pill down’, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for blessing me Abundantly and making me Rich!

Thank You for carrying me in Your Love and Comfort and making me Rich!

Thank You for filling my Essence and Aura and Being with your Divine Light, Your Glory, Your Value, Your Worth, Your Clarity, Thank You for Grounding me and Carrying me in your Strength as a Son of God Now!

Bless this sacred day and this sacred being and sacred Mother Earth!


‘It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything.’

‘Don’t shut the pain out.. You have to give up. You have to know, not fear..know that someday you are going to die.’

Me. Me. Me. I. Am. I. Am.


Thank You Lord My God for this day of Love and Light and Joy. Thank You for Carrying Me through. Thank You for Saving Me. Thank You.


Thank You Lord My God for this Beautiful, Gorgeous, Wonderful Day of Life and Love in Flow, Thank You for the Riches You Give Me, Thank You for the Abundance of Love and Blessings and More than I have ever asked for that You have Granted Me and this Life. Help Me to Honor and Respect Myself as a Sacred Being, as a Son of God, Help Me to Become Lighter and Enlightened in Order to Help Others. Amen.

Lord my God, please work on their hearts. I Ask You Grant Me Wisdom and Clarity as Solomon Asked You.


I Am Feeling Better.


Thank You Lord for this Wonderful Perfect Day of Love and Light.

Thank You for Carrying Me and Filling Me with Abundance and Light and Love and Stability and Power and Joy and Productivity! Thank You for this Sacred Day as this Sacred Being and Carrying Me with Fulfillment and Joy and Peace and Healing and Love! Holy Spirit Come.


God, I call forth all of the Light, Love, and Power of Creation into this Eternal Being, to Guide Me and Shape Me into Fulfilling the Highest Destiny for this Person and Spirit and Lifetime.

Carry Me to Fulfill a Role on a Worldwide Scale, Grant Me the Wisdom, Wealth, and Power of Solomon.

Guide Me to Make the Right Choices and Bring That and Those to Me that Will Take Me and Lift Me Up Above All Mountaintops, to Change History, and Leave a Legacy BeKnown to All, to Give Hope to My, Your, World.


God, Lord My God, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, Highest Self, Father, Mother, Universe, Love, All, I Call on You as a Child and Being of God and Life to Grant Me the Full Awakening and Change Necessary to Fulfill a Grand Purpose and Destiny to Touch Every Human Heart and to Give and Receive Love from All Beings. Take Me to the Highest Perception of Reality. Grant Me the Discretion to Protect Me and Teach Me to use the Magic Necessary to Conquer My self and Soul and Reality and World, let me Receive All of the Love and Blessing and Possibility and Spirit and Dream on Planet Earth and Beyond Now. Amen.


Father, Mother, Highest Love, Fill the Words on these Pages with SuperNatural Power and God Spirit and Holy Spirit and Purest Essence to Bring these Words to Life to be Recognized, Received, and Answered by the Universe in the Name of That, of God, of I, of You, of This, of Love, of Truth, of Being, of Non-Being, of All that Is and All that You Are, Forever and Ever Grant Me the Clarity to See, the Wisdom to Know, and the Will to React as Necessary to Love and Influence all Beings on this Physical and Spiritual Earth, Grant Me the Keys and Love I need, I Accept All of It. Thank You.

Lord God, Thank You for Breaking Off All fear and shame and guilt that once kept Me from Having it All Now. Thank You Lord.


Oh Lord, My God! Highest Lord, Creator of Life and All Things Beautiful, Thank You for Granting Me the Ability to Write! Thank You for Creating Me to Be Wonderful and Perfect as a Child of the Spirit of the Living God! Thank You for Helping Me Show Up, Thank You for Making Me a Being of Pure Light, Thank You for Filling My World with Unconditional Love. Thank You For Granting My Mind Peace and Goodwill and Clarity, Thank You for Creating Me in Your Image.


Thank You for Taking Care of My Every Need.

Thank You for Teaching Me You have Given Me Everything I need.

Thank You for Blessing Me.

Thank You for Comforting Me.

Thank You for Always Recognizing Me.

Thank You for Letting the Universe Recognize My Love. Your Love.

Thank You for Letting Your Light Reach Others Through Me.

Thank You for Freeing Me from Myself.

Thank You for Letting Me Walk in my Highest Destiny.

Thank You for Teaching Me how to Pray.

Thank You for Blessing these Words.

Thank You for Rescuing me from demons and spirits that aim to deceive Me.


Thank You for Granting Me the Wisdom of Solomon.

Thank You for Bringing Forth the Better Me Now.

Thank You for Cutting Down All of my fears.

Thank You for Healing my Past.

Thank You for Giving Me Faith.

Thank You for Making Me Joyous, Happy, Successful, Rich, Abundant, Free, Spirited, Sociable, Likable, Lovable, Admirable, Respectable, that I Am a Light for Others to Follow, with no Guilt or Shame because it Is You who Does All Things and Gifts Me a Life that is not mine.

Thank You for Bringing Me to the Ocean, to this Eternal Moment.


Father I thank You and Ask You that Now be the time that I Step Up, to Grant Me the Power, Confidence, Ability, Will, Strength, Motivation, Courage, to Walk in My Highest Calling, Your Highest Calling, to Maximize My Abilities and Potential, to Raise My Value and Worth, to Free Me, to Bring Goodness My Way, to Fulfill All that You have for Me Now. Thank You Most High Beloved Father.


Thank You Love for Opening My Heart, My Mind, My Will, to You, to Love, to You Father.


Lord Father God I ask that you Bring Me Someone to Connect with, if it Be in Your Will Now, Thank You, I Surrender this desire and all desires to You, Amen.


Father, Abba, Abba, Abba, Oh Lord my God, Thank You for Restoring my Creative Spirit, Thank You for Reconnecting Me to Love, to Connecting Me back to Passion and the Quiet Starlight Whispers of Essence and Ecstacy and Calling and Flight.

Thank You for Lifting Me Up and Rising Me Higher Once Again, for Tugging on my Heart, for Fulfilling Me, for Opening Me Up and Letting THIS Pour Out, for Reminding Me of this Divine and Beautiful A r t i s t ic, P o e t i c, G l o r i o u s, P e r f e c t, L i m i t l e s s, A b u n d a n t. P a s s i o n a t e Reality of F r e e d o m and B l i s s and J o y and W o n d e r m e n t.

Thank You for Caring about Me and Carrying Me Through and Reminding Me that from this point On I Choose to Life, Choose Hope, Choose Peace, that You Have Chosen for Me.

Thank You for reminding Me that Light and Love isn’t an argument or theology, it is the Real Choice and Action to fill a cold World, it Is Really Me! Thank You! Abba! Father!


This IS Opening the Heart. You, You, You, Hear Me. You Are On the Right Path. You Are Setting the Right Intention. You Are Following the Real Light. You just got heavy and let the fear of others and persecution disconnect you from the Light and Holy Spirit and God within You, You just forget, but you are just Growing and Battling and Processing,

You Are Standing On the Right Side, because it’s not about theology, it’s not about Morality, those all exist in the lower ‘waiting’ reality.

In the real reality, the world is full of fear, and what truly matters is Shining the Light In, and That, That, is the Action of Recognizing that people are afraid and hurting, and some of Us have to Carry the Torch that Says that Everything Can Be and Is Alright and We Are Really Okay, that the past cannot hold us forever, that the Light Can Pour In, that Freedom is Real and Boundless, that it Is Okay to Be Here and Love and Be Loved.

This Thing about Opening the Heart, it IS a Valve Being Opened, it is not a matter of discussion, it is not something that can be debated, Only Experienced. This IS It. To Stay In It, to Live From It, Is the Value and Meaning and Purpose that was sought, because it is no longer a dead mind analyzing, it Is a Living Being Experiencing.

If they haven’t been there, they can’t be talked into it or convinced of it being right because they are not there, they are down below. The only Thing that Matters is if you fall down into that realm with them, You need to get Away from any beliefs and discussions and Back to Praying for Creativity and Focusing On Unleashing Your God’s Freedom of Expression Within You. THAT is what Reconnects You, when You take a Real Action to Face some fear of the external around you and let some of your Genuine Self and Kind, Vulnerable Nature Out to Be Expressed, perhaps through Channeling In Creativity through music,

but You Are Getting Better at Prayer, and God Is Answering Them, when You Pray for That Essence, Pure Light, Spirit, Creativity to Come, Especially deeply before bed, That Is when it Can Come In the Beautiful Morning,

as All Prayers are Answered, All Possibilities Accessible, it really is All about Letting In the Light that Restores, and Heals, and Is It. This is it Love! I love You, Being Worthy of Love! There is no shame or guilt to have for Being You!


Lord My God I Cry Out to You and Pray My Prayer Reaches Through to the Heavens Above and Beyond, I ask as a Son of God during this Time of Rest You Shape and Shake the World in such a Way that Only You Can, that All Blessings and All that You Have for Me Comes to Me and I to It, that You take Me to the Highest Reality and Use Me to My Highest Potential, and Whatever You Have for Me, Lord I pray, Thank You, Abba, Father God.


Lord, Father, Thank You for Giving Me it All, Everything, Eternity,

Thank You for the Gift I do not deserve and Do Deserve, Thank You for Making Me a Reflection of Light, Thank You for Creating Me as a Being through which Love and Power Flow Through,

Thank You for Making Me One with the Flow Itself, to Exist Between the Lines, to Find You Between the Words, to Rise Higher In Trust and Abundance and Faith and Wisdom and Discretion and Intuition and Clarity, Thank You Lord for All of It Oh Lord My God I Praise Your Name Forever!

Thank You for Unleashing My Spirit, Unlocking and Permeating My Being with Creative Essence, for Granting Me Strength, Your Motivation, Ability, Rest, Trust, It is All Yours and I Yours Forever and Ever, the Power, the Glory, Be Yours, Highest God, Highest Love, Forever and Ever All Days to the End of Days to Beyond, Carry Me on these Winds to Fly Higher Into the Unknown, Grant Me the Access to Unlimited Infinite Potentiality.

Hey, You. Everything is going to be Okay. Ok?