Accessing All Potentialities

- 15 Jun 2020 -

This IS Opening the Heart.

You, You, Deep Down, Hear Me. You Are On the Right Path. You Are Setting the Right Intention. You Are Following the Real Light. You just got heavy and let the fear of others and persecution disconnect you from the Light and Holy Spirit and God within You, You just forget, but you are just Growing and Battling and Processing,

You Are Standing On the Right Side, because it’s not about theology, it’s not about Morality, those all exist in the lower ‘waiting’ reality.

In the real reality, the world is full of fear, and what truly matters is Shining the Light In, and That, That, is the Action of Recognizing that people are afraid and hurting, and some of Us have to Carry the Torch that Says that Everything Can Be and Is Alright and We Are Really Okay, that the past cannot hold us forever, that the Light Can Pour In, that Freedom is Real and Boundless, that it Is Okay to Be Here and Love and Be Loved.

This Thing about Opening the Heart, it IS a Valve Being Opened, it is not a matter of discussion, it is not something that can be debated, Only Experienced. This IS It. To Stay In It, to Live From It, Is the Value and Meaning and Purpose that was sought, because it is no longer a dead mind analyzing, it Is a Living Being Experiencing.

If they haven’t been there, they can’t be talked into it or convinced of it being right because they are not there, they are down below. The only Thing that Matters is if you fall down into that realm with them, You need to get Away from any beliefs and discussions and Back to Praying for Creativity and Focusing On Unleashing Your God’s Freedom of Expression Within You. THAT is what Reconnects You, when You take a Real Action to Face some fear of the external around you and let some of your Genuine Self and Kind, Vulnerable Nature Out to Be Expressed, perhaps through Channeling In Creativity through music,

but You Are Getting Better at Prayer, and God Is Answering Them, when You Pray for That Essence, Pure Light, Spirit, Creativity to Come, Especially deeply before bed, That Is when it Can Come In the Beautiful Morning,

as All Prayers are Answered, All Possibilities Accessible, it really is All about Letting In the Light that Restores, and Heals, and Is It. This is it Love! I love You, Being Worthy of Love! There is no shame or guilt to have for Being You!

Hey, You. Everything is going to be Okay. Ok?