Everything Is Here To Help You Summary

- 04 Apr 2021 -

Final statements summary of Matt Kahn’s “Everything is Here to Help You”

” I accept the ego is the soul in its most dormant stages of incubation. It is not to be opposed, rejected, or denied, no matter how painful it may be when oscillating between patterns of worry, anticipation, and regret.

I accept that I do not worry about, anticipate, or regret any of the reasons I may believe or have imagined. I am simply building up momentum to inspire an awakening of consciousness. In knowing it is so, I allow all aspects of the inner WAR(worry, anticipation, regret) to be healed and resolved, as I create more space for my soul to expand. I embrace my most profound healing in the name of love, knowing all that I resolve within assists in transforming each heart throughout, since we are one - openness never excludes -.

This helps me acknowledge that my spiritual journey is not a matter of dissecting myself under a spiritual microscope but rather allowing my soul’s highest innate qualities to shine through more consistently and deliberately. This occurs by respecting the divinity in others, acknowledging the signs offered to best support each person’s unique journey of healing, and welcoming the circumstances that inspire my most profound expansion, whether it matches my desires or not.

In knowing it is so, I allow all RAW qualities of the soul’s highest attributes to be activated within and to radiate throughout for the well-being of all. From this moment forward, I am naturally rooted in the enthusiasm of each gift I am here to offer. I don’t have to be afraid of what others may take from me or withhold from my heart.

There is a reason I am here. I exist with purpose. I came here to matter.

Having an open, receptive heart makes it easier to see how everything I experience is here to help me.

Whether representing patterns of emotional debris clearing out of my field or recognized as layers of unconsciousness healed throughout the collective, each thought and feeling is honored for its highest evolutionary benefit.

I embrace the nature of adversity that helps to create a proper melting point to transform personal rigidity into the light of my original form. I honor the gift of loss as it clears space in my reality for greater gifts to emerge. I acknowledge a deeper reason for fear as a signal from the Universe of impending growth. I respect the wisdom of anger that reveals when anyone is too overwhelmed by their healing journey
to be able to interact in a heart-centered way. I welcome judgement as a helper who reminds me of the limiting beliefs I am clearing out of my energy field as well as that of others. I embrace the benefit of overthinking as an alarm clock informing me how open or closed my heart tends to be.

I recognize a deeper purpose for sadness as the very moment when the ego dissolves. I realize there is an upside to disappointment, as the ego is given further permission to unravel whenever it doesn’t get its way. I recognize the prophetic power of jealousy as a foreshadowing of greater blessings entering my reality. I appreciate resentment as an unexpected liberator that shows me the areas of my life where I hold back from expressing my freedom of will at full capacity.

Instead of getting tangled up in the sounds of conflict, I can respect, honor, and welcome each spiritual ally through the power of my breath. In doing so, I serve my purpose as an angel in human form who incarnated to uplift the collective without having to dim my light or match the vibration of those around me.

With renewed clarity, I can see how resolution is not determined by bigger spiritual experiences but by allowing the subtlest of energies to be embraced by the highest vibration of consciousness already within me. This occurs by embracing the four foundations of self-love as a way of helping me integrate the healing journey already under way.

As I take the time to be well-rested, rooted in spaciousness, aligned with breath, and at peace with time, I deepen my own sacred partnership with myself. From this space, emotional receptivity becomes a gateway into transcendent spiritual experiences that come to me much faster than I can chase out of them.

As this occurs, I am elevating my vibration as an announcer of well-being to inspire the world to be more caring and compassionate, just by taking the time to nurture myself.

With greater enthusiasm, faith, and trust than ever before, I accept everything as a catalyst of spiritual evolution, no matter how inconvenient, painful, confusing, or frustrating it seems to be. Through the wisdom of the Golden Question, I allow the worst things that have ever happened to me to be embraced as the greatest opportunities I’ve been given to grow and evolve.

By separating the effect of my feelings from blaming the characters who seemed to cause them, I allow my emotions to be felt wholeheartedly, as a contribution toward my own healing journey, as well as the expansion of all. From this viewpoint of greater safety, I activate the power of true forgiveness by pardoning the characters in view and reminding myself that I wasn’t the actual target of any attack. Instead, I am witnessing the many ways in which Source energy returns to its true nature throughout the awakening of any heart. This completes my first stage in the journey of surrender, which ushers me into an exciting new chapter of my journey, where there is everything to embrace and nothing to blame.

Perhaps I have incarnated to fulfill a mission that supports a bigger cosmic picture. What if I didn’t necessarily come in with karmic patterns of indiscretions but chose to carry imprints, conditioning, and cellular memory to heal familial lineages and to liberate humanity through the healing of myself? Since I was born from a loving Source of perfection, I could only be the perfection of a loving Source. In knowing it is so, I allow frustration, boredom, loneliness, and confusion to be embraced as signs of how rapidly I am expanding, instead of as enemies to oppose, judge, or deny.

While patterns of experiences may repeat, I accept that they only occur for my evolutionary benefit, allowing me to see they only occur for my evolutionary benefit, allowing me to see the same things from higher perspectives of consciousness each and every time. This helps me transform my view of life from spiritual punishment to evolutionary process, where everything is here to help me reach my absolute potential.

And so I am free. And so I am embraced. And so I am redeemed. And so I am fulfilled. And so I am. And so it is. “

Hey, You. Everything is going to be Okay. Ok?