Best of the Best Entertainment in the World 2020

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Steins;Gate: Elite - Animated Visual Novel - If not the best time travel tale ever written, one of the best series of all time. 10/10 Image not loading..

Hollow Knight - Metroidvania Videogame - With haunting and masterfully crafted visuals, gameplay, and soundtrack, impossibly difficult odds show you the fruits of persistence through failure. 10/10 Image not loading..

Howl’s Moving Castle - Animated Film - Breathtakingly gorgeous Hayao Miyazaki film, one of the finest. 10/10

Solo Leveling - Manhwa - This guy is walking death. 10/10

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Fibonacci - YouTube - Life is a spiral. 10/10

48 Laws of Power - Book Summary - Why wait to be thrown in prison before you read this? 10/10 Image not loading..

Neon Genesis Evangelion - Netflix Anime - Humans are fucked up. 10/10 Image not loading..

George Orwell’s 1984 - Book - The proper reference manual to the world you live in! 10/10 Image not loading..

How You Change People - YouTube - An important reminder from mildly obese Jesus. 10/10

Relaxing Music with Beautiful Nature - YouTube - Earth is really pretty. 10/10

Space Ambient Music - YouTube - Space is cool too. 10/10

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