The Perfect Voice

- 11 Apr 2021 -

I will not participate in any established way. Our cultures and systems have moved us in a direction where we listen to voices that have positioned themselves as an absolute authority in order to be heard. We create, raise up, and choose the voices that we listen to.

This is the requirement for a voice to be heard in this age. We choose voices that seem to come from an infallible source, from one who has their life together, whose word and wisdom is without fault. We will not settle for any less.

Collectively we know and we understand that no one has life figured out. Yet, as soon as a voice of authority presents itself, we accept it. It is the only kind voice we will accept.

In reality, there are no infallible voices. In striving to listen to them, we are actually collectively choosing voices that are not transparent, the least trustworthy sources available.

We choose to buy into an illusion that we knew wasn’t true from the start, and we require the illusion. Then, when every guru, every perfect teacher leads others to wisdom that goes off the mark, we wonder how everyone could have been wrong about this person.

Behind any perfect voice, is a person who is acting deceptively. There is no one who is right all of the time. By presenting themselves as infallible, a person who does this is not being transparent. Transparency shows honesty. Honesty shows flaws, weaknesses. Honesty, and humility shed light that one is not always right. We can choose to not listen to voices that are not being transparent, or in simple terms, not being real with us.

Escaping listening to the voices that end up going in bad directions is not solved by seeking more infallible voices. Rather, it is in finding and listening to honest voices that remain transparent and do not claim to be what they are not.

I will not participate in any established way. I have answers, I don’t have all the answers. I am flawed. I fall. I fail. Just like everyone else. I am not here to give perfect wisdom. I am here to share that which has been shared with me and what I have found, on a road to mastery of life, myself, and my craft.

In a world where we are transparent, we all become teachers, we all pick each other up when we fall, we all share in this experience.

Thanks for reading, -JB

Hey, You. Everything is going to be Okay. Ok?