Today I witnessed the most meaningful event in my life. I performed an experiment that I’ve been planning for some time. I asked two complete strangers to perform the following task: To touch each other, close their eyes, and ask for the holy spirit to come between them. The point of this test was to see if results could be achieved without any outside explanations, ideas, expectations, or influence, that is to say, could results be achieved without my interference or any preconceived beliefs. These strangers came from different backgrounds, nationalities, and cultures, with their own perspectives on religion. They were not friends, associates, or even enemies. They knew nothing about the other.

To my surprise, they agreed to the task. I gave them no additional input, only having to stress that they must physically touch. They stood next to each other, closed their eyes, touched their elbows to one another, and said, “We ask for the holy spirit to come.”

After a few seconds, they explained they now felt a little better than before. One of them said they felt a presence rest on their shoulder. The other, after opening his eyes, said that the world felt and looked “a little bit brighter”, in a way he could not quite explain.

I knew what he meant, because I experienced this phenomenon a few months ago, and have been meaning to write about it for some time, but have not found the words to explain it. As if reality had turned up the dial on its radiance by a few degrees. I experienced this after I felt that I had truly recognized another person.

In that previous experience, no closing of eyes or prayer was said. Instead, I had been attempting to get someone to see the light inside of themself, over the course of a positive discussion. At some point, some level of caring or empathy cut through the hardness of meaningless ‘positive sounding’ statements, and reached through to that person. It was as if a moment transpired in which they could see that I saw who they really were, and in doing so they were able to see who they really were. In turn they were able to recognize who I really was. It was in this moment that I felt perfect love flow between us. When a person is actually seen, one is unable to not love them. One could only feel perfect love for what is unmistakenly perfect and beautiful. In this moment of mutually feeling seen, at the same moment we both said, “Do you see that?/Did you feel that?” and went on to attempt to find words for how to explain that it seemed that the world around us had changed and become more “radiant”. The joy we shared in discussions following that moment were free of any fear, because we remembered the simple truth that we were excited to be in the company of another, in a place where we were free to do anything, because everything was okay.

My understanding of the results of my test is simply the following. By touching another human being and asking for the holy spirit to come, regardless of the two people involved, they will recognize the others spirit (or if you prefer, their two spirits will recognize each other), and becoming aware of this, love will flow between them, even if they’ve never loved someone before.

The result is clear. One person can connect to anyone else through this act, no matter who they are or what perceived differences they thought they had, no matter their religion. There are no required beliefs for this phenomenon to occur.

My belief is that this is why ‘perfect love casts out all fear’. By summoning the courage to touch a stranger, this becomes a simple act of trust. When you choose to trust someone and reach out, love comes forth.

If this exercise were to become widely known, such as handshakes are universally understood, without narratives or arguments as to why the results occur, even throwing away my understandings on why these results occur, it would become possible for the people of this world to come together. There is no reason or difference or background that can restrict one person from connecting to another, as there is no religion or spiritual belief or scientific belief required to use this practice and connect to their spirit.

This world can come together as one people.

Hey, You. Everything is going to be Okay. Ok?