Hey, You. Everything is going to be Okay. Ok?

: first thing sfirst [7:34 PM] thedude: @DegenerateOrb

[7:34 PM] thedude: do you get why purple lines are important? [7:34 PM] DegenerateOrb: lol i learned the basics of stuff wit raynor [7:34 PM] Lil Divenie💚✨🧞✨: I will learn everything about candle data when I run out of things to do. When I pick a subject to learn about… I kinda sponge it up… [7:34 PM] Lil Divenie💚✨🧞✨: No [7:35 PM] Lil Divenie💚✨🧞✨: Resistance level? [7:35 PM] thedude: support lol wtf [7:35 PM] DegenerateOrb: they are support levels [7:35 PM] DegenerateOrb: yes [7:35 PM] Lil Divenie💚✨🧞✨: Yea antiresistance [7:35 PM] Lil Divenie💚✨🧞✨: Anarchyy [7:35 PM] thedude: so market maker literally didn’t allow price to dump from that levels [7:35 PM] thedude: right? [7:35 PM] thedude: and it got tested few times [7:35 PM] thedude: more than 3-5 actually [7:35 PM] thedude: so you mark that level [7:36 PM] thedude: and you do fucking nothing [7:36 PM] huey: dirty wick notwithstanding [7:36 PM] thedude: you just wait [7:36 PM] thedude

[7:49 PM] thedude: let’s open shorts at red line and close the longs from purple [7:49 PM] thedude:

[7:49 PM] thedude: price bounced [7:49 PM] thedude: nice [7:49 PM] thedude: what do? [7:49 PM] thedude: TAKE PROFIT [7:49 PM] thedude: when price hits the blue line [7:50 PM] thedude:

[7:50 PM] thedude: oopps stopped out [7:50 PM] thedude: BUT since you already take profit you are actually not in loss [7:50 PM] thedude: you are close to being even [7:50 PM] thedude: but at this point you already did mad gains [7:50 PM] thedude: now what do? [7:50 PM] thedude: long from blue line? [7:50 PM] thedude: let’s try [7:50 PM] thedude:

[7:50 PM] thedude: opps stopped out again [7:51 PM] thedude: no issue you already made huge gains [7:51 PM] thedude: what do? [7:51 PM] thedude: short red line? YES [7:51 PM] thedude: and did it hit? YES [7:51 PM] thedude: what do? Take profit at blue line [7:51 PM] thedude: did it hit? YES [7:51 PM] thedude: TAKE PROFIT [7:51 PM] thedude:

[7:51 PM] thedude: oops short stopped out [7:52 PM] thedude: but it’s okey you already took profit [7:52 PM] thedude: what do? [7:52 PM] thedude: long at red line? [7:52 PM] thedude: short at blue lines again? [7:52 PM] thedude: yes let’s try [7:52 PM] Pornflakes: Basically going back and forth from support to resistances [7:52 PM] thedude:

[7:52 PM] DegenerateOrb: this man making me feel like i’m the one taking profits [7:52 PM] thedude: and now you are looking at current time [7:52 PM] DegenerateOrb: jesus [7:52 PM] DegenerateOrb: :pog: [7:53 PM] thedude: the most important thing here is not levels [7:53 PM] thedude: the most important thing here is taking profit [7:53 PM] DegenerateOrb: :feelsgreen: [7:53 PM] thedude: because even though we got stopped out [7:53 PM] thedude: taking profit covered our asses [7:53 PM] thedude: do not ever try to win the game, try not to lose the game [7:53 PM] thedude: it’s more profitable in long run [7:53 PM] DegenerateOrb: TIL TAKE PROFITS [7:53 PM] Pornflakes: As long as you take out enough to cover the loss of being stopped it’s fine [7:53 PM] DegenerateOrb: :whiteTux: [7:53 PM] Lil Divenie💚✨🧞✨: Brilliant moves as usual [7:54 PM] Lil Divenie💚✨🧞✨: I got only one question [7:54 PM] thedude: also [7:54 PM] thedude: wait [7:54 PM] thedude: we did something very wrong here [7:54 PM] thedude: I intentionally worded it as “taking huge risk” [7:54 PM] thedude: which is closing your positions [7:55 PM] thedude: closing your position is the biggest mistake [7:55 PM] thedude: let me give you one example [7:55 PM] DegenerateOrb: :pog: [7:55 PM] thedude:

[7:55 PM] thedude: here we took huge risk and closed the long [7:55 PM] thedude: and opened a short [7:55 PM] thedude: why? [7:55 PM] thedude: because we took a risk [7:56 PM] thedude: but chads don’t do this [7:56 PM] thedude: chads keep open that long [7:56 PM] thedude: and open another short in different account [7:56 PM] DegenerateOrb: :pog: [7:56 PM] thedude:

[7:56 PM] thedude: you took profit on your short and then it got stopped out [7:56 PM] thedude: but you still have your long? [7:56 PM] thedude: sooo [7:57 PM] Ayman - Deadshot: thedude lets say you were me for a minute [7:57 PM] thedude:

[7:57 PM] thedude: also here [7:57 PM] Ayman - Deadshot: where would your next trade be [7:57 PM] thedude: why close your short from the top [7:57 PM] thedude: why? [7:57 PM] thedude: literally why would you close it? [7:57 PM] DegenerateOrb: :hmm: [7:57 PM] Lil Divenie💚✨🧞✨: Fuck I’m tired [7:57 PM] Pornflakes: No point closing it unless we come near 41-42k again [7:57 PM] thedude: yes [7:58 PM] thedude: exactly [7:58 PM] thedude: your output should be either take profit or stop out in profit or negative [7:58 PM] thedude: closing is not an option [7:58 PM] Pornflakes: Same for the long from 30kish [7:58 PM] huey: idk about anyone else but I’m hard af right now [7:59 PM] Lil Divenie💚✨🧞✨: The micro non leveraged version of long term hold trading of this for me is I open a long, sell 50% to take profit at some point and never close lol [7:59 PM] thedude: oh btw [7:59 PM] thedude: all of these trades were [7:59 PM] thedude: x100 [7:59 PM] Lil Divenie💚✨🧞✨: Thedude my question tho [7:59 PM] thedude: yeah go ahead [7:59 PM] DegenerateOrb: i appreciate the explanation @thedude but if anything I realize that i’m out of my depth and i’m just better off hodling or doing simple shit like buy red sell green [8:00 PM] Lil Divenie💚✨🧞✨: After you got stopped out of your first short, when btc was 35K,

How the fuck did you know the top would be at 42K? Why wouldnt you assume it would be 40? Or 37? [8:00 PM] Spin: shit i just miss out on a lesson [8:00 PM] thedude: lemme zoom [8:00 PM] Lil Divenie💚✨🧞✨: 40 looked pretty top [8:01 PM] DegenerateOrb:

[8:01 PM] thedude:

[8:01 PM] Lil Divenie💚✨🧞✨: I gotcha. You could see from ath. I figured that [8:01 PM] thedude: you mean here? [8:01 PM] Lil Divenie💚✨🧞✨: Oh wait hold on [8:01 PM] thedude: because I intentionally didn’t show here [8:01 PM] thedude: because it’s same fucking shit all over again [8:01 PM] Van Kristov [GMT+0800]: I fell asleep and forgot to adjust TP. rip [8:01 PM] thedude: long from blue line [8:01 PM] thedude: short from red line [8:01 PM] thedude: short will be stopped out? [8:01 PM] thedude: yes [8:01 PM] thedude: but you have your fucking long [8:02 PM] Lil Divenie💚✨🧞✨: Okay. I gotcha. You did assume you hit a top at 39 and then reassumed it at 42 but you were good no matter what [8:02 PM] Lil Divenie💚✨🧞✨: Sweet man. [8:03 PM] thedude: and you guys want to validate this? Look at exact same setup in at 27k

[8:03 PM] thedude: exact same setup at 22k

[8:03 PM] thedude: exact same setup at 32k

[8:03 PM] DegenerateOrb: :champagne_glass: [8:03 PM] thedude: so all the shorts here were stopped out [8:03 PM] thedude: but longs are open [8:03 PM] Ayman - Deadshot: so long 37 and short 39800? [8:03 PM] thedude: imagine having a long x100 from 22k now [8:04 PM] Lil Divenie💚✨🧞✨: Nah I don’t need validation I can see that it’s accurate calls [8:04 PM] Pornflakes: 80000% roughly lul [8:04 PM] Lil Divenie💚✨🧞✨: Do you have along from 22K? [8:04 PM] thedude: yes [8:04 PM] Lil Divenie💚✨🧞✨: Hell yeah. [8:04 PM] thedude: I pay funding tho [8:04 PM] Lil Divenie💚✨🧞✨: Ah. [8:04 PM] thedude: I earn more from shorts [8:05 PM] Lil Divenie💚✨🧞✨: I gotcha [8:05 PM] Lil Divenie💚✨🧞✨: You make this art [8:05 PM] Lil Divenie💚✨🧞✨: The only requirement to your strategy is starting somewhere near a solid entry position for an initial long [8:06 PM] Pornflakes: Does it also works on a less manipulated market? Or are they all manipulated to some extend anyways with high volume trading [8:06 PM] thedude: last thing I want to show is this [8:06 PM] thedude:

[8:06 PM] thedude: so this is a huge channel [8:06 PM] thedude: purple is the bottom red is the top [8:06 PM] thedude: green is the middle [8:06 PM] Lil Divenie💚✨🧞✨: Are we still in that channel [8:06 PM] thedude: yes we are in this channel [8:06 PM] huey: all that matters is volatility [8:06 PM] huey: and volume [8:07 PM] thedude: @Pornflakes yes [8:07 PM] thedude: this strat works only in manipulated market [8:07 PM] thedude: aka high volume high volatility

[8:44 PM] Lil Divenie💚✨🧞✨: When all the bitcoin has been mined [8:44 PM] Lil Divenie💚✨🧞✨: There are only two things I would want as an MM. [8:45 PM] Lil Divenie💚✨🧞✨: 1. I want the MM’s to hold 99% of all bitcoin [8:45 PM] Pornflakes: Liquidity and volatility will gradually reduce [8:45 PM] Lil Divenie💚✨🧞✨: 2. Optionally I want to wipe out other MM’s. [8:45 PM] Lil Divenie💚✨🧞✨: All other MM’s also want us to hold 99% of all bitcoin. [8:45 PM] max_levels: oh shit [8:45 PM] max_levels: it’s like that card game [8:45 PM] Lil Divenie💚✨🧞✨: There is only one way to do that. [8:45 PM] max_levels: where you want to collect the sets of each card type [8:45 PM] max_levels: trying to wipe out the other players [8:46 PM] Pornflakes: By the time something will prob replace btc tho [8:46 PM] Lil Divenie💚✨🧞✨: They have to work together to crash btc and then accumulate 99% of bitcoin when the price is low. [8:46 PM] Lil Divenie💚✨🧞✨: They can’t do that now [8:46 PM] Lil Divenie💚✨🧞✨: Because not all of the bitcoin is on the markets [8:46 PM] Lil Divenie💚✨🧞✨: It still has to be mined [8:46 PM] thedude: @Lil Divenie💚✨🧞✨ if you really want to crash the price this recipe is simple:

  • break any existing strong trend
  • use all of your power during trend retesting and block price going back into trend

If you can accomplish that, you would probably initiate a crash [8:47 PM] Pornflakes: No point owning all of it tho [8:47 PM] Lil Divenie💚✨🧞✨: Not all of it. 99% of it. [8:47 PM] Pornflakes: I mean at some point you are already filthy rich [8:47 PM] max_levels: the retest being, the right shoulder, the lower high etc [8:47 PM] Pornflakes: Unless you want to stroke your ego [8:48 PM] Lil Divenie💚✨🧞✨: There is [8:48 PM] thedude: yeah [8:48 PM] Lil Divenie💚✨🧞✨: Once there is less movement there is more scarcity [8:48 PM] Lil Divenie💚✨🧞✨: Value goes up [8:48 PM] Lil Divenie💚✨🧞✨: You want the value to go up after you’re already done accumulating [8:48 PM] thedude: I was in MM group once. A year ago everything was funny. Once this guy from russia texted the group that he wants to draw a penis [8:49 PM] thedude: after 30 secs he did [8:49 PM] Pornflakes: Lul [8:49 PM] Lil Divenie💚✨🧞✨: Holy shit man [8:49 PM] thedude: he lost around 200k [8:49 PM] thedude: in 30 secs [8:49 PM] thedude: but he did [8:49 PM] thedude: he has a penis in btc chart [8:49 PM] Lil Divenie💚✨🧞✨: Fucking lols [8:49 PM] antm1: demand also kind of matters, if someone owns 100% of the bitcoin and people are satisfied with just making a new coin/chain and being like you can keep all those then all those holdings are pretty much worthless [8:50 PM] Pornflakes: Now I wonder how much btc you have to be in those kind of groups but I’m not sure I want to know [8:50 PM] Ayman - Deadshot: wait where is it [8:50 PM] Lil Divenie💚✨🧞✨: Thedude real talk, are you mastermind smart or do you just have really good training and skill [8:50 PM] thedude: that’s exactly why bitcoin.com boomers and btc maxis are fighting with eth constantly [8:50 PM] Pornflakes: No point in having btc worth 10mil if you can’t buy it [8:50 PM] thedude: I’m just a scalper [8:50 PM] thedude: :lmao1: